Finding motivation… in the bits box!

I’ve struggled to put any time against my hobby projects lately as I just haven’t had the inspiration to work on anything. I’ve decided to sort through the masses of unused bits and models I seem to hoard without notice, mostly to make space for existing (and, inevitably, new) projects, make a bit of money and consolidate my collection. It has worked a treat for everything but those intentions. Looking through old models and forgotten projects, I find myself absorbing ideas like a sponge.

With a little creative spark from Doghouse, I think I may have finally found a purpose for my Eldar, who were permanetly sat on the ‘one day’ shelf.  Pre-Heresy Eldar, like a few xenos races, are something of a rarity because many of us assume they probably haven’t really changed a lot. Despite the fact that their fall very much took place around the same time as the Great Crusade. Doghouse pondered how to approach the Eldar of this era, with their newly forming warrior path and bitter struggle to fight after milliennia of excess. It was enough to motivate me to get my models in gear for a themed force I’ve always fancied, but never quite started.

Here’s how the list is intended to look:

Winged Autoch and optionally Baharroth.
2+ squads of storm guardians with Wave Serpents
1 squad of Fire Dragons, pretending to be a storm guardian support squad, in a Wave Serpent
3 squads of Swooping Hawks, maxed out
3+ Walkers, aimed at the new Forgeworld Wasp design. Egad, they fly!
Potentially a single Wraithlord

The army represents the early years of the Swooping Hawk shrine, newly founded by Baharroth. The guardians stand sentinels over the shrine, as loyal members of its patron house. The Wraithlord is perhaps a falled Exarch from the family or shrine.

To break away from the norm some more, I’ve chosen to go for a non-Terran sky colour. The hawks are said to wear armour that mimics the grey and blue of the sky. Well, I decided the sky would be purple.

Here’s a first stab at the intended colouring:

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