Review – Forgeworld’s Eldar Assault Wasp Walker

Forgeworld recently added a varaiant kit for the Eldar War Walker, called the Wasp Assault Walker. This is the first walker kit of this scale from Forgeworld for the Eldar. As far as rumours go, it’s destined to be present in Imperial Armour XI, which features the Eldar, Space Wolves and Cadians.

At first glance, it’s very similar to the regualr walker, sporting a larger, more protective cockpit shield and a rear fin. Everything else seems to be quite subtle and to the rear of the model.

When you look back at a regular War Walker, you can see some further differences pretty quickly. Most notably the gun mounts have changed – they’re the Wave Serpent turret guns.

Looking at the components, quite surprisingly it’s all very similar to the original kit with a lot of small joints and jets.

Placing the pieces together for comparison, the legs and hips are pretty much the same, but with options to allow much my dynamic in the posing due to seperate parts. There’s also further detail.

Whilst constructing the walker, it struck me just how much flexibility is offered by all these seperate joins are parts. Since the wasphas jets and rules to fly-jump, I opted for a truly mobile pose to push the limits of the model.

The front profile of the model is reduces a lot when pushing the legs back for flight.

The ball-join flying base and provided hole in the model are clearly meant to inspire such posing!

Here’s a side comparison with a regular walker.

And next to a guardian.

I can’t help but think of this scene when looking at the model.

All in all, a very nice model if you want to push your posing beyond the stock image. You are left with plenty of spare War Walker parts due to the resin replacements, but once again only one of each weapon comes in the pack.

Rusty Dice

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