Creating your own Chaos Dwarfs

I find it very difficult to not type ‘Dwarves’ when using the plural of Dwarf. Something GW have maintained, so I shall in this case!

As I wander through my portfolio of projects, both complete and in progress (but mostly in progress), I stumbled upon a small box (I say stumble, I actually have 30+ plastic food containers full of bits in an organised fashion) of Dwarv… Dwarfs. They’re mostly leftovers from the old Warhammer starter set, but a few random metal pieces from the likes of Hasslefree and Reaper (or so I think).

I’m an impulse buyer, like many. Every time I find a shop (online or physical), I’ll scour the catalogue for models that take my fancy for a project I may one day get around to starting. In most cases this leads to lots of random unloved models in food boxes.

This time, I decided to take action. Pulling a friend aside and whispering dark words in his ear. Words such as ‘new army’, ‘campaign’, ‘stomp attacks’. My friend agreed to venture on a 2-man quest to put together new Warhammer armies at a slow, story-driven pace. He chose Minotaurs. 3 of them in fact.  I chose Chaos Dwarfs and Orcs, to be fielded in various ‘justified on a whim’ forces, taking advantage of the new O&G book and my capricious nature to begin ridiculously over-ambitious projects. Yes, I chose to uniquely customise every model in my army.

And so, in my quest to find a style of helmet, I’ve been attacking those poor miners with all manner of sharp objects and putty.

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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