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Looking back at the blog, this time last year I was counting down the final 2 weeks until the Path to Terra campaign weekend. I was desperately trying to finish painting (and building!) my Dark Mechanicum forces for their first outing, in part 3 of Age of the Emperor. Many late nights paid off as the army was nominated for the best army award, something that really keeps my motivation alive. So much, that I took them again in part 4 and was nominated again!

It’s hard to realise that was 12 months ago What I consider t be my first fully painted 40k army in… 20 years of the hobby! Suffice to say, it’s still the only one and I continue to consider it incomplete. Is an army really ever complete?

It also marks a time that my blog started to see a lot less activity from me. I have noticed that a few tight deadlines which cause the much needed motivation tends to result in a complete burn-out afterwards. I also appreciate that every time I go to sleep, I forget what I was doing and start a new project!

Seeking that much needed motivation again, I am looking to take this army to the upcoming Games Expo tournament. I have a solid force to field most of what I anticipate taking, but hope to fix, tweak and add to the army overall. This, along with my sculpting challenges will most likely be occupying my blog for the next 2 months, so stay clear if you were hoping for tutorials.

Or not! I’ve chosen to field the Renegades & Heretics codex from Forgeworld. I am including Alpha Legion. In Mark V. If you’re a regular, you may remember I promised to do some Alpha Legion tutorials.

Watch this space!



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