Age of the Emperor – The War In Golconda

Yesterday, Ulfhedin unleashed the first draft (teaser) for the AOTE5 campaign pack. This is a series of campaigns that I have both thoroughly loved and hated. Hated because it has utterly inspired me to start new projects. Loved because I saw them through to completion.

Set in the Warhammer 30,000 era, the whole setting grabbed my attention as I am predominantly a ‘pre-Heresy’ 40k gamer and collector. Taking part in the 5th event is a given.

So far we’ve been discussing the new army construction system.

Your army will be 1000 points defender list, a 1500 point attacker list and a 2500 point Heavy Assault force that can be your two forces combined, or can be something else entirely new (for those with lots of models or wanting to take a superheavy et al).

The new development here is the note on an ‘entirely different’ maximum force. Previously, the flavour in Tempus Fugitives events has been to combine the two forces. This naturally gives more freedom, but also more potential to throw absolutely everything in your collection into the weekend! Since I am very interested in the hobby-side, I will again be aiming to try and be nominated for best army, if only to match my Dark Mechanicus’ previous two nominations.

Allied detachments are possible as well (up to 50% of each army list) Full rules will be in the campaign pack.

This is slightly different to the first batch of rumours (we thought it would be the composition of the second list).  Since each separate list can field allies, this again promises a lot of freedom.

What has got everyone excited and talking are ‘Iconic units’ and an emphasis on Astartes legions. Each legion has 2 or more units labelled iconic. By including them in your army, you gain ‘legendary points’. These points are used to purchase free upgrades to your characters, units and vehicles, such as a Baneblade – > Fellblade, Commander – > named character. Custodes and Primarchs too!

I have committed to bringing my developing Iron Hands into the fray, whose iconic units are currently Tactical squads and Dreadnoughts. The latter is something I have been wanting to do properly for a while. I have a box full of Dreads waiting to be built.

Now is their time.


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