2011 in review

With 2012 just around the corner, it’s that time of year to reflect on 2011 and plan for the upcoming year. There’s always a few milestones and events that are static throughout the year, but I’ll no doubt be distracted by new releases and impromptu campaigns!

2011 saw me attempt to pick up my Eldar army again and build what I had always wanted to do at the back of my mind – a Swooping Hawk based army. I gathered enough models and even painted some new Guardians, but my interest quickly lead elsewhere.

I returned to my Chaos Warrior army for Warhammer, bringing them out of a year’s retirement to win the club tournament with them after an abysmal effort with Lizardmen the year before! Sadly, it looks like Lizardmen will remain on the shelf until they see a new book.

The larger chunk of my hobby, Pre-Heresy 40k, was satiated with another Age of the Emperor event. This was typically enjoyable and inspiring, the first outing for the proper expansion rules – something we’ll revisit a lot in the future! I managed to put together a reasonable force of Iron Hands space marines.

There are a few games I tried to play and get into, but various factors prevented it from happening. Malifaux never saw play, Unchartered Seas remains buried, Epic Armageddon fell back into the box as quickly as it came out.

A few new games were instead discovered. A Song of Blades and Heroes saw a lot of attention, a quick-easy game that lets you use pretty much any models in your collection. My Malifaux crew weren’t wasted afterall.

Some old games were renewed with greater interest – I’ve restored my appetite for Magic: the Gathering, board games and even started playing with space ships again!

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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  1. Gavin says:

    Is that the Tempus Fugitives Age of the Emperor expansion?? What are their events like?? Always wanted to go to one at some point.

  2. Rusty Dice says:

    It is indeed. They’re great events to attend and can only get better 🙂

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