A unit a week? Ghouls!

In an attempt to find new motivation, I’ve signed myself up for a couple of year-long projects. One is the Gathering of Might at Ammo Bunker, which is loosely paint an army in a year. The other is October Club’s 52-week challenge, to paint a model or unit every week (but not necessarily for the same army/game)!

For week 1, which I believe is January 1st -8th, I have chosen to do a unit of ghouls. The unit must meet the minimum unit size, allowing me to split a 40-strong unit across several weeks if needed.

I have a preference for the 2nd generation ghouls from Games Workshop, which are sadly out of production. I am trying to acquire more, but the Heresy Miniatures Ghouls are equally good and go together well.

Here’s the pre-paint shot of 10 random ghouls. I ended up doing just 2 Heresy ghouls in the first batch as their glue betrayed me.

10 painted ghouls! I’m not sure how I’m going to theme the army bases just yet, so that is up in the air.


Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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  1. Neil of Orange says:

    Not based = not finished! It seems to take me hours to do the bases and it eats into the next figures time!

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