A unit a week 2 – More ghouls!

Yes, more ghouls for the ghoulkin!

The rules of my weekly challenge state I can split large units into several weeks, as long as each entry meets the minimum unit size. Wanting to pace myself, in order to allow any other available time be spent on building and sculpting, I’m doing another 10 ghouls for week 2.

I’ve decided to go with a winter theme for the army, so snow aplenty! I went a bit heavy with the flakes on the ghouls, but will vary the quantities across other units.  I may break up the monotony of the white with some more blood from those readily shedding some.

Here’s a group pic with 15 ghouls on their new bases. Movement tray to follow … likely a bit wider.

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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