Kroot and Airbrushes

After 2 years of working with the Dark Mechanicum, I have decided to pursue something entirely different. I am not bored of the Mech, but I want to keep my other ideas keen before I am fully consumed with making forbidden engines…

The next campaign weekend I intend to to commit to is a _normal_ 40k campaign at Maelstrom Games. Another Tempus Fugitives event – they must be doing something right!

Potential projects for my next army were based on the following (of which I hope to visit all one day!): Saim-hann Swooping Hawks, Danse Macabre Harlequins, Giger Tyranids, Deff Skull Orks and Kroot Mercenaries.

Now, Kroot are the least themed of the bunch, but as a pure army, they are unique enough to take on. I decided to go with them, largely because I fancied something organic and some modelling challenges that don’t involve technology. They also have that ‘underdog’ appeal, of being uncommon and lightly supported by GW.

It soon became apparent that I will need to field a LOT of models to fill out the points for Kroot. I do like to paint, but I struggle to make the time to do it, as I am always sculpting and building, instead of licking brushes (and posting on my blog!). So, I made the decision to invest in a decent airbrush kit.

This blog project will serve both as my Kroot army progress and my venture into airbrushing.

To date, I have gathered:

64 Kroot
2 Shapers
2 Ox

My airbrush has arrived today, but I probably wont get chance to use it properly until Friday or Sunday. I hope to share my adventures with you!


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