Forgeworld open day goodies

Today I undertook the yearly pilgrimage to the land of resin. Forgeworld’s open day is both an exciting event and a chore.

I say chore, because the queue for new models either involves camping outside before the sun rises, or braving the 2 hour queue. Yes, you can take advantage of the great reservation service, but Forgeworld won’t let you pre-order any event-only models.

So, you queue for 2 hours to be told the one-per-customer models have sold out, but you can order as many as you want to be sent posted to you later. I see how that restriction works… eh?

Unsurprisingly, the new Storm Eagle sold out very fast – apparently only 20 were available due to a few problems with not quite casting all the kit. Less surprising is seeing the model, available from retail for £80, appear on eBay later in the day for £200. There’s a word for such people.

On the positive, I really enjoy looking at the works in progress and chatting with the designers. Standing 2 foot away from Stuart Williamson, admiring his Storm Eagle, I was very tempted to ask ‘have you seen mine?’.

Once again, I ended up deep in conversation with Daren Parrwood. He’s a lovely chap and his passion shines through – it’s great to talk to him about his creations and see the evolution of his concepts through to final products.

Alan Bligh is a ninja. I noticed him sneak past me as I sat flicking through my copy of the new Monster book, so I quickly collated my purchases to try and catch him for a signature… but he had vanished. The chair behind his plaque taunted me with his absence.

I picked up some resin Kroot, a Warpfire dragon and two shiny books. The dragon is already built, sat on my shelf ready to be treated with some putty. The Kroot… I need to have a chat with Forgeworld about, as the ‘3 different Knarlocs’ aren’t so different in the pack I bought.  Pictures to follow.

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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  1. Alexander says:

    Really nice to see someone who is so into the creative side of the hobby! hope to see more painted stuff soon!

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