Sculpting Cthulhu

As part of my adventure into sculpting, I am trying my hand at different themes and sizes. I quickly found, as suspected, that working on larger pieces is much more forgiving, progressive and .. easier.

I have taken on a request to sculpt a small female human, but am finding the tiny limbs and details a pain to keep tidy and progress is slow due to the cure times. I’ve tried speeding up the putty cure time using a hot lamp, but tend to get distracted and the model turns dark brown from the heat, often bubbly from heat damage.

So, while she painstakingly cures from new layers of putty and a pair of replacement legs (they snapped off!) I started working on a larger piece…

Since I’ve given away what it is (see post title), here’s the first stages of my take on Cthulhu. I simply wrapped some wire around a marble and then layered it with Milliput. Milliput is great to work with, offering a clay-like control when wet and a rock-hard finish once cured. When cured, it can be filed, drilled and cut, proving a great core for models big enough to allow this layer.

Once with a basic skull, I started adding some detail with greenstuff and more tentacles to the maw.

Greenstuff attaches itself to the Milliput without argument and with a solid base to place the putty on, shaping and cutting it is easy. Since the skull is Milliput, I will keep adding holes and wire to affix extra tentacles. At the moment there’s no room to work the tools around further tentacles, so I will sculpt any extras separately and attach them after.

And there’s the last shot of my progress. It’s a fun little project that’s distracting me a little more than it should (refer to over-cooked woman). I might even start a body for him!


Rusty Dice

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  1. Tyler Menzer says:

    Very nice, perhaps a tutorial for your terror from R’lyeh? I would love some more ideas to include into my Sons of R’lyeh space marine squad….(see here:

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