107 on the clock

In an attempt to regain my interest for miniatures once again, I’ve done a reality check on my next event, Gulf WAAARGH, hosted by the Tempus Fugitives. The event starts in 107 days, which gives means I need to paint the equivalent of more than one model per day.

I have decided to take Kroot to this event as it is not pre-Heresy. I fancied something with big creatures, so the choice fell to Tyranids or Kroot. Since TF are putting out a new codex for this, the Kroot should be getting a bit of TLC, with extra options coming from Demiurg, Zoats and all manner of cool.

My collected models stand at:

  • 3 Greater Knarloc (desired)
  • 6 Knarloc riders (4 built, 2 awaiting replacements from FW) (possibly getting more)
  • Around 100 Kroot (Further models will be converted.. wings, etc)
  • 3 Krootox (aiming for 6 or more)

The above is all built, but I am awaiting 2 major events before I can work on a list, these being 6th edition 40k and the codex itself.

Armylist aside, that is a lot to paint. I have June, July, August and 2 weeks of September to paint it all, so I am going to set some goals.

I have set a target to paint at least 25 Kroot per month, plus at least 1 Knarloc or Krootox per week.

Greater Knarloc #1 is underway and the prototype for the colour scheme:

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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