Assault on Camp Talvenus

Ammo Bunker return to Games Day this year with Assault on Camp Talvenus.

The team have put together a typically impressive board that is going to be fought over by various drop teams in Valkyries. After the success of last year’s table, the model jobs were distributed amongst volunteers of the site after a short vetting.

I was lucky enough to get through again and hastily put together a squad of renegades. I wasn’t so quick to paint them though, but they’re all but complete now and ready to be mailed over to the admins.

The brief was pretty simple – base the squad on the veteran squad entry in Codex Imperial Guard. Colours must incorporate Calthan Brown and Charadin Granite. The bases were to a set recipe also.

I made use of a few ForgeWorld renegade models I had waiting to be made – the kind of models you buy on a whim because they’re so nicely sculpted, but leave in a box for a rainy day.

With a few minor conversions, Catachan legs and Cadian parts, I went for a full Plasma compliment. I originally wanted to do Shotguns and Heavy Flamer but couldn’t source the arms.

Check out the Valkyries and other squads at the Ammo Bunker forums and come and see us at Games Day 2012 (UK).

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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