Introducing… Metalgrind

Metalgrind is the project name adopted for an upcoming series of miniatures. The name has a little personal history, but is ideal for the flavour of the project – steel on steel, multi-part robot miniatures!

Metalgrind is a ruleset that I created in 2002. The original was inspired by the release of Games Workshop’s Tau battlesuit models. I converted these models into gladiatorial warriors and created the rules to play them in such a setting.
A long time has passed since then. We’ve seen the birth of other games and companies that have put out rules and models that would suit this theme perfectly. In 2003, Privateer Press created Warmachine, perhaps the closest to the original idea behind Metalgrind. There are no doubt others out there and many preceding Metalgrind itself.

At the end of 2012, I decided to resurrect this project. It was not a 10-year reunion thing. That happened by chance. No, it was the growing collection of robots on my shelf and a desire to visit nostalgia, bringing back Metalgrind to play with them!

The original rules are likely lost to time.

It makes sense to combine these efforts. I have been toying with the idea of multi-part robots for a while, originally to field with my Adeptus Mechanicus forces. However, breaking free of any IP-infringement issues and rolling with something of my own design is that little bit of gamer dream that I want to pursue.

The rules will take a back seat, or at least only see development when I am unable to sculpt. The models are my priority and I am trying to work on them daily to keep the progress flowing. Being employed in a different profession means this sculpting time has to be squeezed into personal hours, but it is both a pleasure and personal challenge.

Onto the models…

My progress pictures are short and sweet, due to the time restraints I have.  I try to update the log at the end of every sculpting session and will post my thoughts on it, over at the Metalgrind Facebook page.

Here is the latest work in-progress, showing the Myrmidon torso and an upper arm. Keep checking the page for regular updates and feel free to post your questions and ideas. Your support is much appreciated!


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