‘That’s no moon, it’s a…………’ giant walking robot – Legio Astraman pt1

DSC00258So it appears with the natural ebb and flow of the Internet blog tides that some of my projects are now floating in the ether. I wanted to draw one thread together here, that being my Legio Astraman Titan Legion. I’ve become very excited by massive walking gods of machine and fire again recently and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to blog the progress on the creation of two Reaver Titans being made side by side.

The project intially started as a Warhound Titan, the green of Astraman always appealed to me (green being my favourite colour) but also I didn’t have any ‘green’ forces, as ‘red’ armies tended to appeal more at the time. Originally I had settled on Victorum but the blue and gold was just to similar to a Thousand Sons theme, so I settled for the big green.

The first Warhound was slow going, not having painted anything on this scale before I was a little caught out by the sheer size of flat area to cover (and well) so it was only really with a looming Tempus Fugitives event on the horizon that I had the motivation to get it all squared away. Unfortunately I didn’t take many WIP shots of the first Warhound so here are some shots of it mostly finished.

The first of the Warhounds was designated 851.1 Mortem Canis. The armament being Twin linked Turbo Lasers and a Vulcan Mega Bolter. At the time for the campaign I felt this would be the most benficial armament, however to future proof the build I did opt for magnets so I could swap out the weapon loads for better options later on.

Here are some shots of Mortem Canis finished and in action, it really did whet my whistle for the second of the pair, which is just now slowly drawing to a conclusion.


The colour scheme for the titan legion also dictated which house I used for painting my knights, opting for the primary red and secondary yellow of House Hawkwood to compliment the green of the larger war engines.

 I really enjoyed putting together Canis Mortem, so much so I decided to put another Warhound together to grow the legio a little more. This Warhound was desginated 851.2 Dominus Canem and will ultimately be armed with two twin linked turbo lasers for that anti-tank poke. Here are the current WIP shots of the build (currently just need to trim and paint the pistons afix them with the greaves and finish the weapon systems)…




The sharp witted amongst you may have noticed the Glee and Winnie the Pooh mugs alongside the Hong Kong Phooey PJs – I applaud your attention to details….


Back to the big green.

As a small side project I wanted to make a 3D banner for the warhounds, similar to the GW ones appearing in plastic boxed sets now, so I made a master from plastic card and various bits of models (most of which came from the Warhammer Marauders model range) and then set about making a push mould with Instamould (if you haven’t tried this stuf yet then you are missing out – I highly recommend it). Once cured (after about 10 seconds under a cool tap) I then pushed some greenstuff in to it, letting it cure slightly in the mould then removing it and letting it ‘wilt’ over a paintbrush handle or two. Then it was a case of painting it, adding a banner pole and it was ready for chaining to a god machine…


And so cometh the Reavers….

null-7null-10These kits are immense, both in size, weight and in the prep time required to build one. I’ve started slow by sorting parts into relevant bags (to make sure all the parts were present), then it was a case of setting up a production line of washing (in Swarfega) which is by far the best stuff for washing Forgeworld parts. I use an old toothbrush to get into all the details.

Once washed and scrubbed the parts get rinsed in water, and then towel dried followed by an air drying (by which I mean left out to dry), the bits were then re-bagged and are as we speak awaiting some assembly action. When assembling I use green stuff, superglue and accelerant (or acetone) to make a strong yet slightly flexible pinned joint, I know many people would argue that you need hardcore brass rod for this and a power drill but this is the method I used for my Chaos Reaver and that seems to have held fine over the last two or three years of occasional gaming with it.


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  1. John says:

    I feel your pain with the Reaver. I recently completed one and it was a massive project! Super heavy too, but overall the experience you gained from building the Warhounds (I have two) will be invaluable with the Reaver. I really like the originality of your banner, looks fantastic. Looking forward to seeing more updates


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