Legio Astraman pt2

null-11So a little more progress on the Reavers over the last week. I really found that you need to consider the pose of the legs at every juncture, just to make sure that the peripheral parts will still fit.

After cleaning the parts down I started assembling them, using the greenstuff pinning technique I discussed earlier, this is great if you need a slight tweek to the final position as the putty allows for quite a lot of lateral movement even though it’s fixed in place. Even though I had bagged up the appropriate parts for this stage of the build I found myself swapping toe section between the bags as I accidentally made a left leg instead of a right one – this is obviously not an issue when making the second leg as you just mirror the build.

I did find that the angle of incidence on the knee joint was crucial and had to dry fit both the toes and the piston cowels several times in order to make sure that the bend in the leg still allowed for the fitting of the extra parts to the leg. I really think that with this kind of build ‘measuring twice and cutting once’ is a motto best adhered to.

At the end of the evenings work I had a good fit of the legs together, this is now the stage I want it at for the underpainting so that I’m not painting behind too many parts (a mistake I made on the chaos reaver), although I probably will add the pipe work between the legs before undercoating but then remove them again before the base metal coat goes on. but will leave the front groin plate off until painted. I will be painting the toes, cowels and pistons seperately, althoughI may fix the foot plate to the legs in order to allow it to stand whilst it’s being painted.


 null-15 null-16 null-17 null-14

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