Review: Black Scorpion Miniatures Tombstone 2

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Neil of Orange here chiming in with one of my very irregular reviews. Today a look at Black Scorpion’s Tombstone figures, a range of western miniatures with true grit!  Here’s how the figures look on their website, join me after the jump to see the review of the products themselves.


So here’s the pack I received, straight out of the (well packed) box and into bases.

Fresh from packaging

All the figures fitted neatly into the provided 25mm round bases – very snugly indeed, I was impressed so far.  As the splash card says, these folks are all resin so very light, easy to glue and show their detail exceptionally well.

Coat front Coat back

Working through the figures I was really surprised by the lack of mould lines on them, hardly anything compared to most minis I’m used to.

This chap is a nice generic cowboy, a fair amount of detail to the front, less on the back.  One of the pistols needed a small touch up, but a 5 second job with liquid greenstuff at worst.








bowler front bowler back

There were a few bits of ‘flash’ on the figures here and there, but largely these weren’t even attached to the minis, simply sticking to them apparently with residual static or something.  Most bits just fell off when I brushed them lightly with my craft knife.

A fantastic little mini this one – did you know most cowboys actually wore bowler style hats, not the “cool” fedora style seen so much in movies?  Loving the shotgun and portly proportions on this guy.  Almost perfect out of the mould too.







draw front draw back

Go for yer gun!  An action pose on this desperado, a figure I have plans for in my Malifaux crew.  An older looking cowboy with some facial hair, again another nicely cast figure with no problems to mention.









top front top back

Raising the facial hair stakes higher, this top hat wearing man about town (check out the pocket watch chain) is ready for trouble with his trusty shotgun.  The rock he is standing on is a bit fluffy, but nothing a few mins with a craft knife wont fix.  Again the figure itself has almost nothing wrong with it, just a little flake like flash on one boot.









Trench front Trench back

Finally my favourite figure in the pack and the model that drew my eye to this range in the first place.  Under that tipped hat broods the meanest gun-slinger Malifaux has to offer, once I’m finished anyway.  He’s also got a great moustache you can just make out.

A minor tidy up job on one pistol and this chap was good to go as well.








So all in all a very impressive pack of figures – all the more so when you realise that the 5 of them cost only £9, plus a tiny bit of P&P.  I’m hugely enjoying Malifaux at the moment and I was after some figures to use as Desperate Mercenaries and a Convict Gun Slinger (Wyrd’s own models weren’t quite my taste for those particular choices) so these looked ideal from the webpage.  How do they measure up in size compared to other mini companies figures?

Labelled size

Well I’ve not made this as easy as I could by basing the two cowboys I’ve painted on some cork, raising them up a little.  Regardless I think you can get a rough idea.  Clearly these figures are designed for skirmish games, being more in line with 32mm ranges like Malifaux than the 28mm GW offers.  Looking at the other minis in my line up you can see the mass battle game troopers, yes even the space marine, are somewhat smaller.  The Malifaux cowboy on the end is especially tall, but that’s fine – its Tuco who (spoiler alert!)  is turning into a demon!

So my overall review summary?

These figures aren’t perhaps the most finely detailed sculpts available, but they ooze character and the finish on the castings is perhaps the best I’ve seen yet – certainly puts Finecast to shame.  Painting them was a pleasure, very quick and and sufficient depth on the details to let the brushes do the work for you.  They look great on the tabletop – certainly no one in my gaming club has a problem with these fellows  turning up for a shootout.  Add in the price and really I can’t recommend these enough.  Well worth a browse through the different ranges they offer, its far from just cowboys.  I’m considering how I can work some pirates into one of the games I play – maybe a unit of skeletal pirates for my Warhammer undead, a Cryx force for Warmachine or perhaps its time to try out Freebooters Fate.

Pop over to my blog to see more and better pics of my painted stuff – these cowboys are getting their own post soon.

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