The King in Yellow

One of my early attempts at a full sculpt is nearing completion. I started this to be some kind of Magos, using yellow Super Sculpey. After a friend commented that it looked like the King In Yellow (mostly due to the colour), I decided to take it down that route. Clearly, I like the whole Lovecraft Mythos (although this particular character pre-dates and inspired Lovecraft).

Here’s the latest shot of the kind. All I need to do now is attach and integrate his ‘feet-tacles’ and tidy up some cloth on the back.

The biggest re-motivation for this model was discovering how easy tentacles are to make. Simply roll a sausage of putty using your fingers, making one end gradually thinner. The putty is surprisingly well behaved and posable, though its best to leave it for 20 minutes as it is largely bullied my gravity when first mixed.


Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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