Lord of Battle or Deathdealer?

Yesterday, this appeared:

Copyright 2013 Games Workshop

Copyright 2013 Games Workshop

Not unlike the ‘leak’ of the Eldar Wraithknight, there was an uproar of feedback, with many comments on the model being a bad new idea. Well, it’s a shame, but understandable, that so many are unaware that these models are modern reinventions of existing (though somewhat OOP) models. The concepts have been around for two decades – older than some of the people decrying the images.

Here is a Lord of Battle (the more common suggestion, as it is a little less forgotten):



Here is a Death Dealer:



Now, nothing is stopping GW call it a Lord of Battle, a Deathdealer, Lord BloodyPants or anything. I hope they come up with something new to spite argument as to which it might be.

I feel it is an amalgamation of both. It has features of both, but the scale and structure weighs much more heavily towards the Deathdealer.

Me? I think it’s a great tribute. Nostalgia isn’t what it used to be. No, it got bigger and better!

This model is screaming bits box at me. I see a very nice Chaos tank chassis and an even nicer torso to make use of. Look at Soul Grinders. This guy could easily plug into a octet of legs. Heck, Brass Scorpions used to be tracked. I think GW were daft not to flip this one too.

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  1. Tom says:

    So is this a mini that they are going to make or not? It WOULD be sweet even just for the bits box!

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