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I started MyWargame with the intention of providing tutorials for building custom models and painting them. It started off in a fairly niche part of the 40k hobby – pre-Heresy. Almost 4 years later, it’s not so niche, with ForgeWorld’s extremely successful launch of the Horus Heresy, providing all the parts you could ever want (my heart disagrees). I feel my tutorials are still relevant, especially for those with big bits boxes and sensible budgets. I continue to believe converted models are a more pleasing route to take if you like your army to have character and unique models, rather than a production line of resin.

The models I built and/or painted in the marine armour tutorials haven’t really seen any action since. I converted some further into my armies, but a fair few have just sat on a dusty shelf. Well, I am now going to pass them onto new homes to make room for future projects. The first model to be given away will be the Space Wolf featured in the Space Wolf Painting Tutorial.

Space Wolf

What’s the deal? Well, in order to keep me motivated to create more tutorials and reviews, I’d like to expand my audience. To get your chance at winning this model, please like Mywargame on Facebook and like the image of this model. You could try to be sneaky and not like the blog, but then you won’t see the winner announcement. I will randomly select a winner once the blog page has 250 likes.

More competitions will follow.

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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