Introducing: Art is Resistance

Where to start?

Shall we start as David Copperfield did? “To begin my life with the beginning of my life, I record that I was born”? Maybe not that far back!

However, my life long obsession with toy soldiers started not long after….

On my 4th or 5th birthday, I received a set of toy soldiers, and scenery to play with. Being the younger of two brothers, my elder brother got the other half of the set for his birthday (our birthdays being 24 days apart this wasn’t an issue).

To make sure we played nicely, my father wrote a set of simple ‘rules’ for us to follow – we each took a turn moving and shooting with our men (no measuring or dice at this point). I don’t think my father realised that this one simple effort to maintain the peace and quiet in the house would lead to thousands of pounds of expenditure and years of happy gaming!


The start of the obsession…

Now, nearing my 40th birthday, I still regularly play Wargames and RPGs, and suffer from what my wife calls ‘shiny toy syndrome’ – even though I have a mountain of stuff unbuilt or unpainted (as Whitehorn quoted to me just this afternoon ‘Art is never finished, only abandoned’) I cannot wait to get new toy soldiers!

The following articles by me will follow a new project – the building of a British Army force for Warlord Games’ Bolt Action rules.

First up will be an unboxing of the figures and a brief overview of the rulebook!

Chin chin!

Art Is Resistance

I've been playing with toy soldiers since my 4th birthday (there's photographic evidence!) and playing RPGs since my 8th birthday (when I got the Dungeons & Dragons Basic box). It's more than a hobby - it's an obsession!

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