Kings of War: Kings and Legends

New this month from Mantic is the first supplement for their Kings of War rules set – KINGS AND LEGENDS.
a 48 page, Softback book, the supplement contains not only characters for each of the factions at war in Mantica, but also presents a new force: The Ogres.

The writing, by Allessio Cavatore (rules) and Andy Hoare (background) is well presented and clear. Each of the races gets at least two characters, with photos of the minis for each (or drawings where a miniature hasn’t yet been finished).

The characters don’t appear to be overpowered, an issue in other games systems, and I think given the rules mechanics in KoW this won’t be an issue.

The Ogre army list allows players to use what was an allied detachment in the Kingdom of Men list as a separate force in their own right. Having used a test army, I can say that even wi small detachment sizes compared to some armies, they are a devastating army if used right!

A good first supplement release for a game that’s going from strength to strength!

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