Starting Legion of Everblight 2 : Progress and Journeyman League rivals

The Neil of Orange hobby blog has a new home –!  Joining forces with my brother again is great and I hope the all round improvements to the site will see it go from strength to strength with the varied authors and content that’ll be coming our way now.

Catching up on a couple of weeks of Warmachine/Hordes action this week with a round up of the armies in play on my last night during the Journeyman League.

I’ve done reasonably well on the gaming side of this league, dropping only a couple of games in terms of points (I lost more but you can claim your best 2 games a week).  I’m also really enjoying Legion in comparison to my Minions so the game has been a lot more fun and engaging this time around – I’m sure I’ll continue to add things to the force for the foreseeable future.

Painting wise I haven’t progressed quite as much as I would have hoped – been a little busy recently so not quite the turn out I managed last year (I won the hobby points with my gators).

Blight 1

So here’s the final turn out.  I used Thargosh in a few games but he’s not painted so I didn’t include him here.   The ogruns are 80% done (there’s one complete one in the center of the shot – very hellboy) and the Ravagore about the same.  The Riek and the Deathstalker are more like 40% but the rest are complete (but have been since my first post oops).

What follows is some of the other armies doing the rounds at my local club that are painted and happened to be around this week.  I’ll be on the look out for those I missed in future weeks.


This is Andy’s Mercenary force, lead by Magnus the Traitor.  Andy’s gone blast template mad in this force which caused me no end of panic at the start of the game!


Dan is another Legion player, however he’s taken to the air with his force and painted a lot during the league (I have a feeling he’s won the whole things, but the scores aren’t in yet it runs till Saturday).  There’s some serious muscle in this force, not to mention a gargantuan!  Dan has done very well in game as well, I’m trying to resist cloning his choices.


This is Mark’s Mercenaries, lead by Gorton.  Its Rhulic (dwarves and ogruns) themed and seriously dangerous on the table.  I haven’t come close to denting them yet.  This picture doesn’t do Mark’s painting justice.  Mark’s now offering a painting service should anyone like what they see!


Mike’s Cygnar are next.  I didn’t manage to play Mike in the end but I’m sure a match up will happen at some point.  Great use of colour here, I especially like the banner.


Finally for today are Rob’s Khador.  Rob had a few Khador ready before the league due to having a starter set painted for demos in the store but that wasn’t god enough for Rob so he added loads of horses and berserk things.

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  1. Steven Mitchell says:

    Have you made anymore posts of painting your Legion, because your scheme makes me want to play Legion!

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