August in reflection – Rusty Dice

It’s been a busy month! I could summarise every month with that quick statement, but I guess it’s a good thing.

This month (August), I managed to get back into the swing of 40k, with a 3-pronged attack. I ran a Kill Team tournament at Titan Games (and month-long event at my local club), jumped back into 30k gaming (eager for the Massacre book!) and successfully built and painted 600 points of Saim Hann Eldar for a doubles event. I’ve just returned from that event as I write this. I always say it… events motivate me. I get a lot of work done and then I feel infused with ideas and energy – eager to start the next project!

The MyWargame team and I are working on improving this website – more articles, more interaction, and a facelift. I got a bit tied down with the Eldar, but will be back in full force this week.

What’s happening next?

  • I need to get back on top of the planning and competition for our next Big Cap Battle. Badges, Bitz, Boats…
  • I really want to try out Kings of War, if only to make use of my Warhammer armies! I will be working on a Treeman force but an eager to get my teeth into Chaos Dwarves in the new year. Hopefully I can convince a few old Warhammer players at my club to join in the fun!
  • My ongoing game plans continue. I don’t speak much about my ideas for a game world as I’d rather present a sizeable, interesting chunk of information for people to get into. At this stage, I’m still very much planning ideas and concepts. I am, however, close to playtesting a card game which is to be used as an introduction to my world. Watch this space.
  • Sometime in September we’ll be getting the HH: Massacre book, so my Iron Hands and Mechanicum will be coming out to play.

I really want to sculpt some Treemen, who are going in both my KoW army and my own game, so that’s the next major project you’ll be seeing from me!

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