Kings of War: Forces of Nature

I played my first game of Kings of War on thursday, against AIR. I used the Elf army list, but fielded only treefolk – sylvan kin, shamblers and herders. I really enjoyed how the pace of the game went and quickly realised how much potential it has to adopt in the absence of Warhammer being played locally.  I am eager to start putting together unit dioramas.

On Saturday I picked up the new Basilean book as I heard it had a new treefolk-like list in it: Forces of Nature. I was very surprised and excited by what I found inside. Not only are all the Elf treefolk units included inside but there’s a whole list of nature-folk inside! Centaurs, Gnomes, elementals, new characters and species aplenty. It’s safe to say it is the list for me and if I really do need some elves, I should be able to proxy or ally with some. I don’t really intend to invest in any Elves, but I do have some Wardancers built up that need to find a use.

As I continue to work on my own folklore-inspired game and miniatures, collecting Forces of Nature for Kings of War will allow me to work on multiple projects at once. Treemen feature heavily in both, so I will be sculpting all sorts of original models to use in both over the next few months.

Treemen aside, I am planning to convert some Centaurs for the army. I previously made a Centigor conversion, but want to make something a bit more classic in form, whilst diving into the vicious nature of .. nature. Here are some pieces of art that have really inspired me and will hopefully guide my conversions.

Guild Wars 2 Centaur by Kekai Kotaki

Guild Wars 2 Centaur by Kekai Kotaki


Kekai Kotaki is a fantastic artist. He also does treefolk…





How could you NOT be inspired by his work?

Rusty Dice

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