Mantic Games – LOKA up on advanced orders

For those of you who missed out on the Kickstarter, the fantasy chess game LOKA is now up on advanced orders at Mantic. The game is designed by Alessio Cavatore and produced by Mantic Games (as is the trend).


After spotting this Centaur in the new Basilean legacy book, I asked about to see if it was a preview of new models for the Forces of Nature. A keen eye informed me that the model is from Loka. As is the ‘queen’ model.


As a newbie to Kings of War and very much into the Forces of Nature list, this had me a little disappointed at first. However, Mantic are releasing the models as separate sets. From the description:

They can be used as a standalone chess set (with a spare King!), or to expand your army in games of Loka, or indeed for any fantasy wargame. Miniatures supplied unpainted.

So, it seems quite clear that these are intended for use in Kings of War too, but will they go on to release a more suitable set of the models for KoW? As nice as the models may be, 10 identical Centaurs (or Gnomes!) isn’t all that exciting. Either way, I will be getting a set to convert and use in my army. The characters are very much worth it, though the elemental looks a little too comic.

loka-earthHere are a few detail shots of the Green/Earth set:

Earth-PawnEarth-RookEarth-QueenEarth King

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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