First Thoughts: Star Trek Attack Wing

Star Trek Attack Wing has blindsided me. A chance stock preview from my local store really grabbed my attention – the Attack Wing release wave.


I am a big fan of all things Sci-Fi, Star Trek very much included, so I was naturally drawn to this image. The models reminded me of the old Micro Machines (which I dashed off to go and find in the loft!). I wasn’t even aware of previous Star Trek games from Wizkids. Here’s a classic Micro Machines Warbird (middle) next to the WIzkids’ model.


Having heard a lot of good things about Star Wars X-Wing, but not having played a game yet, to read that Wizkids licensed the Flightpathâ„¢ system, I was further taken in. Solid rules and a solid, favourite, franchise. I was sold without even trying the game.

As soon as I had decided to get into the game, I was further surprised to see an official event system, boasting games every month with prizes. There’s not even an entry fee (depending on your venue) – turn up, play and enjoy free rewards. It sounded a little too good to be true. I was a little weary about being able to attend, but further to my surprise, my girlfriend wanted to come along and play too (I jokingly asked).


The night before, we had a couple of demonstration games, referring to the rules as we played. They played through with ease and a certain finesse. We both really enjoyed how it worked and could see ourselves playing it a lot in the future, solidifying our attendance at the first event of the Dominion War. I also went so far as to make a custom campaign map using Heroclix hexes in anticipation of running our own events.



Arriving at Titan Games, we found quite a crowd. I think the final numbers were 16 players, for an event with support for just 12. Clearly the game was popular and a fair bit of money was being invested. You need 100 points to take part, but the starter set gives you 3 ships from different factions. While you can mix them up into a single fleet legally, most of us skipped that part of the rules at first and went with pure lists. I ended up buying 2 starter sets so that my girlfriend and I could field a faction each.

The event was a blast. The custom mission and free participation rewards were unprecedented. I’ve seen much worse from paid events, so it was a pleasant surprise to walk away with free rules, cards, dice and a foot-long space station token. That without even coming in the top 3 (we have to leave early, sadly). I truly hope this level of support is maintained as it is really pulling in the players and strengthening my interest. So much so, that this is my hoard after 1 week:


In 2 weeks the second month takes place. I will undoubtedly be attending and showing my support. I’ve really pushed the game at my local club too – we have 6 players and growing, so it’s certainly a keeper.

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