Event round up : Goodbye to Malifaux 1.5 Tournament

Hi all, Neil of Orange here doing my official Wyrd Henchman bit for Malifaux and reporting on my recent tournament event.

For those of you who are new to the game of Malifaux, I’ve written about it a bit on my old blog and you’ll find excellent posts all over the internet, but I’ll recommend GMorts blog as particularly good one.  In summary for the purposes of this post, Malifaux is a Victoriana-Steampunk-Goth-Horror-Western genre skirmish game where a playing card deck (a standard 52 card one plus the jokers) are used instead of dice.

I ran an event to say goodbye to the previous version of the game (“1.5”) so I can move decisively on to the shiny new version (“2.0”) and bring my players hopefully happily with me.  9 players turned up on the day which is a good turn out (I’ll always be aiming for more but real life is always a challenge) and meant we could conclusively play out the tournament in 3 rounds.

The games were arranged with fixed, quite medium sized forces (30 soul stone “crews”) to help speed the day up.  This helped reduce the amount of time spent between games as many of my players are reasonably casual and several very new, so I wanted to give the most balanced experience I could.  In Malifaux with the full rules unleashed you can choose/change your crew for every game and this can reward the players with larger collections.  I hope at some point I’ll run a more hard core event, but I imagine there will be less players involved.

Below you’ll see a gallery of most of the games that we’re played throughout the day.  Some things that you might spot are:

  1. The flesh construct perpetually damaged in every game.
  2. Multiple Misaki-lead crews – 3 of 9 players brought her along!  The models are really popular.
  3. A huge scrap atop a pair of staircases in the middle of the board.  This was not during a “master of the hill game” so made next to no difference to the outcome but was an epic combat!
  4. My poor mate Steve using Jacob facing me using Rasputina during a bye game for giggles.






Some new crew and/or enhanced crews were added to the painting competition this event, the top 4 are shown below, as ever you’ll have to excuse the photography, the pictures don’t do the figures justice.



This is Dan’s Lillith crew.  He’s used her before, but now we have the Luggage acting as his totem and some goat legged Terror Tots


This is Emily’s crew, lead by Misaki.  Previously she used Jacob so completing a second crew entirely for the next event was impressive.  The paint style once again really impresses me and the base choice is excellent here.


Here’s Matt’s crew lead by Yan Lo.  In the previous event Matt used Misaki, so he’s completed a new crew for this event as well.  Matt jointly won the painting competition.


Here’s Mark’s Misaki lead crew.  Mark’s had some success at other painting events, including the legendary Golden Demon.  These aren’t finished apparently but he still won joint first prize!


So in the end how did the results come out?

1st Place Ian with Lucius, seen above lording it up in front of his Guild Manor, having sacrificed every Guild Pawn he could get his clawed gloves on in order to achieve victory by any means!

2nd Place Dan, using Lillith and her sister to terrifying effect against all comers.

3rd Place Matt, Izamu the Armour (the huge Samurai warlord shown above) proving to be a beast in combat in most games.

Painting – joint first went to Mark and Matt

Best sportsperson – went to Jenna who was the nicest and most fun player to face, even while she tore your crew to bits with ninjas.

Wooden Spoon – poor Steve with Jacob!

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