Miniature Review: Impact Miniatures Chibi range

Neil of Orange here with yet another Kick Starter related review.

Impact Miniatures are a company I was aware of previously due to the range of Fantasy Football figures they produce.  I regularly read Table Top Fix to get insight on new toys coming out and they previewed a great looking set of Chibi style dungeon adventurers, some of which reminded me strongly of a childhood cartoon.

So I backed the kickstarter to get a complete adventurer crew and a number of foes for them to face, thinking of coming up with some sort of display plinth to show them all off.




So fast forward a few months and an exciting parcel arrived from the US.  In it were lots of bagies full of Trollcast figures.  I’ve not played with this resin before but generally I’ve been impressed.  The larger figures as you’ll see in this review need a bit of tidying up, but the material is really easy to work with using a craft knife and also easy to fill with greenstuff if required.  Superglue loves the stuff, so you dont get long to correct any fits, dry fit many times to be sure you’re happy before committing to glue.


The Hydra figure wasn’t part of the kickstarter, but during the waiting period Impact managed to get the figure sculpted and I asked if I could tag on one as part of my deal – they were more than happy to allow this.  As you can see, plenty of components go into making this beastie and overall there were few mould lines and very few bubbles.  The main issue I had was some noticeable flashing so a fair amount of craft knife work went into making the wings neat.  The heads are also generous fits, so you can pose them as you like, but it did mean filling in the gaps with a reasonable amount of greenstuff. None of this is a problem if you are used to assembling larger figures, but worth nothing this isn’t like a large plastic kit, its resin, it comes with the usual amount of hobby work.  This also means washing it before assembly/painting – which I forgot to do on the Hydra so bits flaked off repeatedly (d’oh!),


Painting these chibi style figures is a bit of a new challenge for me.  Lots of large areas, cartoon style colours, chibi eyes and for these first couple of figures, just the size of them once the wings were attached.  I solved the size issue by poking them on my pin-vice whilst under the paint brush.  This meant for the Hydra having to repair the hole later but this was easy thanks to the Trollcast material.  Painting the eyes was the really fun bit.  They are huge on all the models in the range as you would expect from a chibi style.  I used the artwork as a strong guide here.


This then is the finished model – minus a base (as I haven’t decided on how the display will work yet so don’t want to box myself in).  Hopefully cartoon inspired colour scheme with chibi eyes.  Once again this is my 1cm grid mat so you get some sense of scale.


A view from behind so you can see the details.  Blurred photo – sorry!


I got carried away with the big figures in my order, so did the Demon Prince as well.  A different style of chibi eye, but I am pleased with him.


…and from behind.  I am working on the magician and cavalier, so they will be the next figs to make an appearance.

Impact’s a small company and they had a few personal near-disasters during the fulfilment period but they kept everyone informed and despite difficult circumstances they’ve delivered everything and I’m really pleased I backed this project.  They are currently running a new kickstarter with an Asian theme so take a look – I am still toying with the idea of some of the lovely creatures covered by this new project.

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