Introducing Big Cap Battles: Operation Ironclad

A group of friends from the Midlands who, like many gamers, enjoy playing with bigger models on bigger battlefields, decided to start organising themselves. They set up a group that is now known as Big Cap Battles. This has a dual meaning, but more importantly it emphasises the requirement to don a big cap.



We set out to run our first ‘big’ event at another event, Spirit Games‘s annual Beer and Pretzels. This is a long-running board and tabletop gaming event that many of us have attended in a less glamorous fashion previously.

The battle, referred to as Big Battle One, was a success. The emphasis of the rules was to provide a good-paced battle, avoiding a high model count, but producing fresh activity and a evolving model size as the game progressed. We started with small (terminator scale) infantry, running to grab objectives in order to call upon bigger reinforcements. The objectives provided resources that were used to purchase new troops in an increasing model size, culminating in a shoot-off between Reaver titans, stood in the wreckage of dozens of small walkers. In fact, every model used had legs. At least, before the game started.

Being a success, we enjoyed a few recovery beers and agreed to run more events. Lots of ideas have been discussed, hoping to practice the rules up front, or simply play different scenarios while we wait for the next B&P. Big Battle Two is our main focus, but certainly not the limit of our gaming hopes!

Operation Ironclad (Big Battle Two) aims to build on the success of game one, tweaking systems from the feedback and ideas. However, it is a very different, bold scenario. Like its namesake, the scenario places aerial and naval forces against a fortified island. This won’t be a walker-only event. This will be layer upon layer of steel, crashing upon concrete.

As we prepare a full presentation of the rules, competition and project plans, please feel free to visit (and join) our group. Big Cap Battles on Facebook.

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