Can you Defeat the Kobayashi Maru?

Wizkids have announced a fun competition for Star Trek Attack Wing. If you send in a video recording of yourself beating the Kobayashi Maru scenario from the Enterprise expansion, you could win a prize. However, you can also send in videos of the Klingons winning, as they are also selecting a winner from those videos.


Full details of the competition are here.

Film your attempt at defeating the Kobayashi Maru Mission included in the Star Trek: Attack WingU.S.S. Enterprise expansion pack (SKU: 71122) for a chance to win a set of the Star Trek: Attack Wing The Dominion War Storyline Organized Play Kits 1 & 2 kit contents.

One (1) video will be chosen from the videos in which the Federation Players defeats the Kobayashi Maru Mission.

As a consolation, one (1) video will be chosen from the videos in which the Klingon Players prevent the Federation Player from completing the mission.

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