Star Trek: Attack Wing I.K.S. Koraga/K’Vort Class preview

Wizkids have started their Star Trek Attack Wing Wave 1 previews, beginning with quite possible the most anticipated ship to date… the Klingon Bird of Prey I.K.S. Koraga/K’Vort.

I.K.S. Koraga

I.K.S. Koraga

Check out the official blog preview.

For reference, the full set of wave ship previews is now:

  • U.S.S. Defiant Expansion Pack (Federation) – preview
  • I.K.S. Kronos One Expansion Pack (Klingon) – preview
  • I.R.W. Praetus Expansion Pack (Romulan) – preview
  • 5th Wing Patrol Ship 6 Expansion Pack (Dominion) – preview
  • I.K.S. Koraga Expansion Pack (Klingon) – preview

What does this pack bring? Quite a few delicious cards as well as a fantastic predator of a ship.

As suspected by Star Trek fans, the K’vort (cruiser) class Bird of Prey is a bigger ship than the B’rel (scout) and this is reflected in 2 more hull points over the smaller vessel. It gains 1 crew at the loss of a secondary weapon and costs 4 points more.

With 5 hull points and a massive 6 defense dice while cloaked, this ship is going to be tough to take down!

Worf now has his third card, finally stepping up to be a Captain, albeit for the Klingons. This is a fantastic captain for any offensive ship, allowing you to re-roll all blanks.  Slap this on a ship with Battle Stations (or the awesome N’garen below) and you’ll be packing quite high punch.

Captain Worf

Captain Worf

Less exciting is Captain Kurn.

Captain Kurn

Captain Kurn

While cheap, Kurn isn’t very exciting. You can gain an extra attack dice at the cost of an action and Auxiliary Power token. Not particularly competitive in the list of captains.

Don’t have battle stations on your ship (well, unless you stick Worf on a Fed/Dom ship or use Command tokens)? Call on N’Garen to boost Worf’s attack. She is Battle Stations on steroids:

Crew N'Garen

Crew N’Garen

Alternatively (or additionally), you can just gain Battle Stations tokens when taking damage if you hire Alexander:

Crew Alexander

Crew Alexander

Worf , N’Garen and Alexander have fantastic synergy, whether going for an aggressive or balanced build.

Finally, some stonking new torpedoes. These can be fired from a rear arc (which Birds of Prey happen to have) and convert a BS result to a crit.

Photon Torpedoes

Photon Torpedoes

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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