Malifaux Hobby Post : Painting Lilith Mother of Monsters

Neil of Orange here with unusually rapid progress on more miniatures!

With Malifaux Second Edition releasing new figures all the time, I’ve been hard pressed not to want to buy EVERYTHING.  I’ve calmed down a bit after the initial excitement of Tara and the Nothing Beast  – I’ve decided to focus on the Neverborn faction for the time being.  I started Malifaux with the Resurrectionists as I’m a big fan of undead in fantasy games in general, however I quickly got distracted by frogmen and evil puppets that the Neverborn faction bring to the table.  I dabbled around the edges with the odd demon in first edition Malifaux but have decided to try and collect the entire faction as its released in plastic this time around.  I’ll be coming back to Tara as bits get released and time allows me to paint up the oddments I have already, but Neverborn are my focus for now.

With this in mind I need to keep up with the release schedule.  Lilith, Mother of Monsters was released at the end of last month and Pandora is due any day.  There’s also some bigger demons on the way in December so I need to keep my paint brushes busy.

tot 1 ftot 1 b

So the Lilith box set is a great way to start off a collection of demonic little monsters.  The game allows you to play in a number of different ways, these little “Terror Tots” are useful and cheap in any Neverborn crew, but with Lilith extra tricks become available.  You get 3 tots in the box, each one posed in a different malicious little pose.  This little chap has especially wicked blades on his arms.  I’ve used the Vallejo Game Colour Hexed Lichen as the base colour here and then added progressive amounts of Pale Flesh (from the same range) in order to high light the skin.

tot 2 ftot 2 b

Terror tot 2 is roaring at someone, ready to pounce (one of their rules as it happens!).  These little fellows are based on sacred grove lipped bases from Bases4War a great basing company I found recently.  With Lilith being the Mistress of Malifaux, she can summon foliage and is able to move through undergrowth without any penalty.  I like the idea that the demons are sort of Malifaux’s natural defence against invaders and attack from out of the forests.  I’ve painted these bases with a variety of colours – the green is Vallejo flat green, the brown Vallejo Dark Fleshtone and the grey GW’s Mechanicus Standard grey.  All have been highlighted/washed with appropriate colours and the most have had my favourite make everything better wash, GW’s”Athonian Camoshade” (seriously this stuff is magic) added here and the to add an organic mossy finish to it.

tot 3 ftot 3 b

The final tot is showing off his best Wolverine pose.  On this little guy you can really see the detail on the sculpt, tiny little teeth, horns and wings sprouting.  The metals are GW’s dark gunmetal with a black wash over it.  The loin cloth and hooves are GW’s The Fang/Russ Grey with black wash.  On this photo you can see the Camoshade wash working a treat on the old log behind the tot as well.

cher f cher b

This perky little monster is the Cherub, Lilith’s totem.  He’s got a few tricks in the game to get more out of your tots and other models as well as having an amusing bow effect that allows you to move models around a bit – including you opponent’s.  He’s been painted in all the same colours as the tots – he’s a bit flabby compared to them so a lot more curves rather than angles.

barb f

This glorious model is Barbaros, Lilith’s obvious henchman choice (the game allows all kinds of mixing and matching, but this one is a demon so its both thematic and has some synergy).  He’s on a 40mm based and stretched out with it plus a pair of small wings so he’s got a fair sized footprint.  As the Malifaux demons (Nephilim) grow they seem to change shape dramatically – this can even happen during the game with the right upgrade choices.  I’m not sure if all terror tots grow into the same thing, but Barbaros is a named “Young Nephilim” who for some reason can’t grow up into a giant “Mature” version.  Based on the box art, I’ve gone for a blue-grey colour scheme, linking back to his tot colours with the wing membranes.  The blue-grey is GW’s Fang/Russ Grey/Fenrisian Grey progression that I’ve used before.

barb b

The wing membranes are layered Hexed Lichen over Russ Grey, not as effective as I’d hoped.  This was my 3rd try as well!  I’m also not pleased with the blood effect on the weapon, as yet I haven’t put any blood on the tot’s blades and I would like too.  I’m going to try out the new GW technical paint range blood gore when I get my hands on a pot, hopefully this will give it the visceral fresh look I’d like!

lil f lil b

Finally we have Lilith herself.  Those familiar with the range will realise this isn’t the plastic Lilith (painted here by GMorts) that the rest of the above models have come from.  I’ve only just completed my original metal Lilith and although there’s nothing wrong with the plastic one, I think I prefer this version with the slightly sultry pose (both versions are dressed in equally “interesting” attire).  So my metal Lilith is gate crashing the plastic party.  I may well paint up the plastic in future, but there’s plenty to get on with without painted alternative versions up just yet!  Unlike the tots, she’s a very subtle purple colour, it seems that girls go lighter and boys go blue from the artwork we have available so far!  Here I’ve used Daemonette Hide, Slaanesh Grey, Pallid Wych Flesh for the flesh tone.  The inner cloak is P3’s Arcane blue, shaded with GW blue shade.  The cloak is highlighted Hexed Lichen again to maintain some colour queues from the rest of the crew.  I’ve attempted a non-metalic gold for some elements of this model, using browns through rich yellow.  A semi-success, certainly better than my Vampire Ax from times gone by.  The hair is GW’s Troll Slayer Orange over a dark red and the sword GW dark metal with a lovely effect from their black wash bringing out the contours nicely.  Lilith has been mounted on a Scibor base I had knocking around from a different model, it seemed suitably showy for her, putting her above her crew nicely whilst having some thematic links and colours in common with the rest of the models.


Here’s the basic crew as a complete shot.  I haven’t attempted to recreate the box art here as Barbaros has been reversed and clearly its the wrong Lilith!  You can see that the tots really are tiny and Barbaros is really stretched out so isn’t as tall as he could be.  I’m going to be interested to see how big the other Young Nephilim and the Mature Neph is.

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