Model Review : Batman the Dark Knight

Neil of Orange here with my final “new material” post for the year.

This time a look at Knight Model’s Batman (Dark Knight) figure.  My dad is a huge batman film fan so I took the hint and decided to paint a version up for Christmas for him.  I ordered  the film based version of Bruce and waited to see what I’d get.


Made from white metal (I assume) the figure is single piece which was a little surprising given the detail and depth around the cape – its a very nicely sculpted model.  There were very few mould lines and next to no flashing.  Batman is pretty large, heroic 32mm at the very least I would say.  Detail wise, it’s probably not 100% film accurate, but it’s clearly a modern film Batman – I don’t think any fan would be disappointed with this representation and the cape has a real sense of movement to it which adds to the drama of the figure.

It comes with a small amount of high rise scenery to base him on – indeed with the pose, he’s got to be standing on something.  This does make the rest of the base a bit of a conundrum as to what it should look like.  I went with flat.

The model has a lot going on, but as you’ll probably know Batman is pretty much wearing black.  This presents a real challenge in terms of painting.  I was inspired by some paint jobs I found on line to use different greys for the armour and for the cape.  The armour tends towards blue, whereas the cape is white.  Hopefully you can see the contrast in the first picture.  The other tricks are the focal points of his chin and belt, I think I’ve done a much better job of the belt than the face, but I don’t paint many humans I suppose 🙂


Just a short post for the festive period (if you recognise such things) – hope you are having fun what ever you are doing!

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