Kings of War Hobby Post : Werewolves

Neil of Orange here with my latest hobby post.  I previewed a colour scheme for the Mantic Kings of War Werewolves on the MyWargame facebook page a little while ago and the response was really positive.  I’ve completed the unit based on this and logged the steps for anyone who might benefit.

First a bit of a review of the figure kit for anyone interested in the models themselves.

The werewolves are from Mantic and very reasonably priced.  They come in a set of 3, which gains you 2 different torsos, 2 different sets of arms and 5 different heads.  Its a bit of a shame that the torso and arm combinations aren’t as flexible as say the Mantic zombies or ghouls where despite the limited options there’s a lot of posing options meaning the figures look varied in a unit.  I’m sure if I were a more creative converter/sculptor I could have achieved more poses however I was keen to get these together and painted.

In terms of quality these figures are made of Mantic “res-tic” so they hold a fair amount of detail but suffer from the usual issues of mold lines and bubbles and must be glued with super glue not any form of plastic glue.  I got my werewolves from the Kings of War Kick Starter so I don’t know if anything has changed since then, however this batch cleaned up neatly with a craft knife (I know some batches of res-tic have caused problems in this area) and filled in any gaps I thought would be a problem.  The biggest issue with this guys is the shoulder joins.  There’s a wide socket on each arm to allow maximum posing options, but it also means there’s a huge gap once you’ve glued it in place.  I used wood filler to bulk fill the hole and then liquid greenstuff to smooth it over.

Overall these guys are pretty nice, once you take the price into account I think they are an excellent addition to undead and evil armies for Kings of War and potentially other games.  The downside is if you find yourself getting many, they will start to look repetitive due to the limited poses unless you put work into converting them.

01 Undercoat

So on with the tutorial.  I’ve generally used the same werewolf, but I forgot to take a starting shot so try to ignore that!  I undercoated my unit in black (army painter spray) and touched up any bits I missed with a brush using watered down black.

02 Grey Base

Base coating is nice and quick, using GW’s Mechanicum Grey, my go to dark grey.  It has excellent coverage when watered down so it goes a long way and doesn’t destroy any detail if you do this.  You can be messy at this stage (and therefore quick) if you follow my next few steps.  If you are a better/more patient painter than me then you can thin this paint right down and layer it nicely to leave neat progressions from the black in the recesses up to a nice neat coat of Mech Grey.

03 Black Wash

If want to use the shortcut method I used, here’s how to cheat.  While Mech Grey is quite dark, there’s still a fair gap from black so the give a better graduation I’ve applied a very generous coat of GW Nuln Oil.

04 Grey Layer 1

Once this was dry I reapplied the Mech Grey, neatly this time, in the raised areas leaving the recesses nicely shaded.  It is a bit of an odd way of doing things, but its faster overall and probably uses the same amount of grey paint as doing it neatly from black undercoat.  It does use a lot of Nuln Oil wash but the time it saves is likely to be worth it.

05 Brown base

At this stage I add brown to all the areas I want to consider to be hair/fur.  I used GW’s Dryad Bark.  This should be neatly applied but its not the end of the world if you make a mistake as you can easily tidy with Mech Grey at this stage.  Its a very good point in the painting steps to do this as you can make sure you’ve covered the model in either grey or brown before you get too far into the highlights.

06 Brown wash

I love GW washes for speed and the effect they produce.  I used a lot of GW’s Agrax Earthshade on these werewolves’ fur – its very much a preference thing but simply keep adding it till you are happy with the colour.  Its not as dark as the older Devlan Mud so a few coats are probably required but it means you can get a very nice graduation if you are patient and neat.

07 Grey Layer 2

Having decided where all the brown was going I went back to sorting out the grey flesh.  Making sure to leave black, shaded Mech Grey and neat Mech Grey areas visible I highlighted the various muscle areas generously with GW Dawnstone.  There’s another highlight to come so this doesn’t need to be ultra fine, but it is nice to start adding these highlights as striations – that is lines of colour rather than blotches or patches.  This makes the effect look as though the figure has muscles and tendons under the skin showing through.

At this point my hobby progress was halted for a while after I fractured my arm.  Needless to say painting was impossible for a while, but I did manage to do some PVA and sand application so I based these guys during the enforced hiatus.  Basing technique is my standard one.

08 Grey Highlight

The final grey highlight is GW Celestra Grey.  This is a base colour so its quite thick which I found at times a bit challenging to use.  There’s other greys out there that would probably be better to use with this in mind!  I used a thin brush and tried to keep the lines neat and not too colour laden, but this didn’t always work as the base paint fought me!

09 Brown High light

Back to the brown, I used GW’s Baneblade brown as a highlight, which I had to damped down with more Earthshade – several times.  You could use a sequence of browns and drybrushing at this stage if you like, but I cheated again with a succession of shading.

099 Details

After this its a case of adding some details, red to the mouth, GW Karak Stone to the claws and teeth (with a brown wash for effect) and Warpstone Glow to the eyes (with a coat of gloss for shine).  I also added some old school flock to the bases to match the basing on my other undead.

099 Unit 1

Here’s a couple of shots of the completed unit to give you some idea of the ranked up look.

099 Unit 2

0999 Skirmish

I’m planning to use these guys as Crypt Horrors in Warhammer as well as in Kings of War.  I already use a pretty big half dead werewolf figure in my Warhammer army as a Varghulf, so I re-based the big buy to match my more consistent basing look and added him to this group shot.

Thanks for reading!

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