Wargaming on a budget – report for week 1-2

Last week I announced I have undertaken the challenge of sticking my wargaming to a budget. The basic idea is to ‘reward’ the playing of games by allowing a budget to that game (or army) towards or afterwards. This both encourages me to play games with what I have so that money spent is being made use of, and to invest in the games I play more frequently as a way of rewarding those I enjoy.  As it stands, I always spend more on games like 40k, but play many more games like ST:AW, on which I spend far less.

Since the start of the project, I have played 2 games of 40k with my Eldar for our club tournament and 2 games of Malifaux. I have recently become a Henchman for Wyrd Games, so I will be playing a lot of Malifaux and hence it will see further investment beyond some of the other games I pursue.

So, by the rules set down, these 4 games allow me a budget of £20 to 40k (ideally Eldar) and £20 for Malifaux as reward. I could spend these, or save them, or combine them with upcoming games planned. This is how I have invested the money:

£5 on my Eldar army for some second-hand Jetbikes, leaving £15 for 40k.
£27 on a new Malifaux crew … leaving a £7 deficit. I have arranged to play some demos for new players this Wednesday so I wanted to make sure I have enough crews for everyone to play. This will easily cover the deficit for this week’s gaming.

Something I hadn’t considered within the budget is another budgeting scheme I have tried to follow previously – referred to as “hobby neutral”. The idea behind this is to sell exiting hobby stuff to reinvest it in something else, or trade in kind. I am going to include this within the budgeting system as I am very actively selling off a lot of my old miniatures. I also want an Imperial Knight and it’s the only way to allow the budget to permit such a purchase inside of 3 months gaming schedule!



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  1. Evan says:

    The budgeting sounds like an interesting idea. Lord knows I spend a lot on minis and don’t get to play a lot. My hobby room is filled with unpainted and unassembled minis.

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