Imperial Knight Houses – a living guide to colour schemes

Knights have been around for three decades in the Warhammer 40,000 universe and until this week their background material has been quite thin. An article in White Dwarf 126 and some basic information in the classic Epic supplements.  Graham McNeil brought them back into the mainstream with the Knights of Taranis in the Horus Heresy novel, Mechanicum (6 years ago!).

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Now? Well, we have a whole codex, 2 White Dwarfs, a companion guide and a promise of more from Forgeworld very soon. Knights have quite aptly exploded onto the scene. Veterans and green players alike and hot with excitement (and sadly, some in anger, but alas…).

Knight of Taranis by LilLegend

Knight of Taranis by LilLegend

Quite a few people are scrambling for information on colour schemes. Which house suits my army best? Who marched to battle with my chapter? Did my Titan Legion associate with a house? Well, quite simply, yes. Official, or otherwise, there’s houses for most situations and for those without, there’s “freeblades”. Can’t find a perfect canonical house? Make up your own house or wanderer.

If you’re after an official house, then here’s what I am hoping to provide. Information on all houses, modern and classic.

The names, with pictures and further information to follow:

  • Aerthegn (Conquest) Red & Black.
  • Arakon
  • Arundel (WD126) Red & White
  • Beaumaris (WD126) Blue & White
  • Cadmus (Knight Codex) Green
  • Degallio (WDW 4)
  • Devine (Traitor)
  • Dunstan (WD126) Blue & Yellow
  • Griffith (WDW5)
  • Hawkshroud (WDW5)
  • Hawkwood (WD126) Red & Yellow
  • Hyperion
  • Ju’ll (allied to Legio Mortis – Betrayal)
  • Kol’khak (Massacre)
  • Korvath
  • Krast (Planet Chrysis – WDW5)
  • Lakar
  • Makabius (Conquest) Blue & White. Gold trim.
  • Morbidia (allied to Legio Mortis – Betrayal)
  • Mortan (WDW4)
  • Mortimer (WD126) Blue & Yellow
  • Orhlacc (Conquest) Blue & Black, with Gold trim.
  • Raven (allied to Legio Metallica, planet Kolossi – WDW5)
  • Senica  (allied to Legio Mortis – Betrayal)
  • Taranis (Planet Mars) Red & Black
  • Terryn (WDW4)
  • Vulker (WDW4)
  • Warwick (WD126) Pink & Dark Teal
  • Vymar
  • Vyronii (Conquest) Green & White, with red stripes/chequer

Knight houses in detail

House Beaumaris


House Hawkwood


House Mortimer


All images are © Games Workshop 2014.

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