Hobby Post : Painting Death Marshalls

Hi, Neil of Orange here,

After getting on with some fire painting in my last post I was in the mood to do some more.  I dug out my Malifaux Death Marshalls that have been patiently waiting for their moment on the painting table.  I say waiting on the table, but really these guys are precariously balanced and spent a lot of time tumbling on to the floor.  Transporting them is going to be fun I can already tell.

Marshall 1

I bought these guys as part of the Lady Justice box set with 2 aims.  As a henchmen it helps to have a selection of crews and factions to demonstrate the game with and my Guild selection is pretty small at the moment.  Secondly I was keen on getting to grips with the new master Tara and Death Marshalls can be added to her crew.

Marshall 2

If you add Death Marshalls to Tara’s crew they count as undead so I chose the fiery skull heads rather than the human options.  Following on from my fire painting recently I thought I’d try an interesting arcane blue fire.  On the box art its a greener colour than this, but I’ve still stuck largely to the scheme there, whilst also referencing the colours I painted Tara in (as she’s more or less wearing a guild guard outfit herself).

Marshall 3

I’ve used PP paint as the main colour, Arcane Blue and a GW green wash to add depth.  This is re-based with Arcane Blue, then highlighted with a some white added then pure white at the tips.  Taking pictures of these guys is really hard as they are so in their own shadow and the colour range is so extreme.  These were taken with a flash which I normally avoid.

Group 8

Here’s the group shot of my Tara crew as it currently stands then.  With Killjoy on the way soon she’ll soon have enough of a selection to take as a serious option.  I’m hoping other models I am after will be available soon (Bishop, Hans) and I have to admit that the Sister’s boxset is tempting me as Tailor and some Ronin wouldn’t be a bad fit either.

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