Event Post : Malifaux Treasure Hunters

Neil of Orange here with a write up of my successful Malifaux event from 22/03/2014.

I was looking forward to this event as the first one since wave 2 had been made official – a lot more models were now available for my players to use.  This was however tinged by some sadness as it marks the last event I will be running in the 7th Heaven Games shop as soon they will be closing.  The club will continue in a new venue and I’ll be looking to host events if enough interest continues, but its very unfortunate to lose an independent game shop.

The event was based around 3 rounds of escalating conflict, all themed around searching for a fabled treasure.  This allowed players to become more familiar with their crews and the game for those who were newer to the Malifaux and also offered incentives each round for clever play separate to the actual results of a game.  The details of the event set up can be found here if you are interested.

First up here’s the shots of the crews that entered the painting competition.  There’s a couple of crews not shown here I’ll pick up in another post – they’ve won before or were painted professionally.


This is Big Simon’s Mei Feng crew – sporting very freshly added Metal Gamin.


This is Ash’s Sonnia crew, with Burt as hired help.


This is Connor’s Marcus crew, with his Battlecat homage


This is Emily’s Misaki crew, based on temple ruins


This is Andy’s Perdita crew, a mix of old metal and new plastic members


This is Si’s Sonnia crew, a popular choice it seems.

What follows next is shots from the various matches throughout the day.  7th Heaven has a wide variety of scenery available so a number of nicely themed tables were set up for people to enjoy games on.  In the last round, clues from the various adventures the crews had undertaken made the choice of table important to each player, depending on where the clues suggested they should search!  Round 1 and 2 were multiplayer games, using the full 4×4 space (except for the bar room brawl below).  Round 3 were 1v1 games on 3×3 tables.


The set up for round 1’s Bar Room Brawl


The set up for round 1’s shoot out, using the fab new 4Ground scenery I’ve been building.  Its actually a round 2 match taking place here, I forgot to snap the round 1 action.  Here you can see small henchmen led crews battling out, Rusty Alice, Nix and Francisco.


A round 2 match in the graveyard – Miranda vs the Judge vs Hungering Darkness


A round 2 match in the desert, Otto vs Kang vs Samael


Before round 3 started, the fake treasure monsters were revealed!


Round 3 match in the swamp, Misaki vs Mei Feng


Round 3 match, Sonnia vs Leviticus in Malifaux city


Round 3 match, Misaki vs. Lady Justice in the desert


Round 3 match, Perdita vs. Marcus in the graveyard


Round 3 match, Hamelin vs. Sonnia in Pioneer Town


The winners and the henchman known as Neil.
1st Place Ian
2nd Place Big Simon
3rd Place Rob
Best Painting Ash
Best Sportsman Ash

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