New Wood Elves – but where to take them?

I am a flagging Warhammer player. I love the game and always have, but it has seriously slipped in popularity and accessibility in my local area. Collecting is expensive and often unrewarding – as it’s hard to get a game in. Playing can be tiresome and lacking – Warhammer can take a fair bit of time to setup and play, making is less desirable next to smaller/skirmish games around…


I stepped into Kings of War. It is a very refreshing ruleset and offers a faster pace to the game. I quickly assembled my collection of Wood Elf models to work for KoW, as I really enjoyed the few games I did play. Unfortunately, it’s hard to convince other to do the same, especially if they don’t already have several hundred models to manipulate.


So, I am both happy to see and hear Wood Elves are being renewed by Games Workshop, but am also grudgingly reminded that the game is almost dead for me. I tried to reinvigorate my enthusiasm when the Lizardmen book came out, but I played just 1 game after a £60 investment in a Carnosaur and book – is it really worth the hit?

The new Treeman model is quite a drastic change from what we’ve had before. Perhaps the colours exaggerate this style change, but gone are the chunky wooden colossi, in are the leafy Manga giants. It’s a style that hasn’t grabbed me (yet) and to some extend that gives me some relief… that I won’t be knee-jerk spending on this inevitably expensive new model.


However, I maintain hope that I can conjure a skirmish-level campaign at my local club, so perhaps I can field the less “epic” models coming out with the new release. As far as the Treemen stand, I think I’ll get my sculpting tools back out and work on my own versions once more!



Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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  1. David Murray says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to say there is no accessibility to play WFB in Salisbury. Between the 3 clubs there is plenty of access for players of all ages and abilities.

    Also, regarding the look of the new Treeman, remember that GW just cannot take good pictures of their models!

  2. Rusty Dice says:

    Hi David, this is Rusty Dice, not Neil of Orange. I’m 140 miles from Salisbury 😉

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