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Neil of Orange here with a hobby event report.  Yesterday was the first SAWS event – Salisbury Area Wargaming Show.  I’ve been heavily involved in organising this and as a free event it was, I think, really successful.  We’ve been extremely lucky with a good number of sponsors who made the event possible and a quite exciting for those involved on the day.  If you happened to be in Salisbury yesterday and you walked past the library you’d have seen this postboard welcoming you:


Once into the event area, we had a few display cabinets set up.  Many thanks to everyone who contibuted to the displays, whether by providing the miniatures (our sponsors) or painting/bringing figures from people’s own collections.  Duck and Colour and Miniatures by RobG provided many of the figures and get special mention.  You may also recognise some of mine here from previous blog posts and entries in Malifaux Chronicles.


Here’s a mix of Bushido, Hell Dorado and Hasslefree – Hasslefree were a generous sponsor of the event providing some amazing goodie bags for the raffle we ran.

IMG_2449Lots of Malifaux madness here (literally in one case) – including a few Chronicle’s entries from Duck and Colour and myself


I snapped this after a few minis were taken out onto a demo table!  What’s left is a step by step Infinity painting display and the range of Krakon games promo items provided to us by the Sponsor.  Some Krakon games bases were added to the raffle prizes and much appreciated.


Here’s one of the hordes displays, a mix of collections again from our talented painting pool.


Here’s the Spartan Games and Bushido shelf.  Spartan generously provided a number of the miniatures displayed here and some books and posters for everyone to look through.


Sponsor crazy on this shelf.  Corvus Belli sponsored the event with a big pile of figures, posters and other useful materials.  A number of the figures made their way into the raffle and other people won them from playing through the demo game.  Mantic games provided all manner of kit to help out the event, including a Deadzone demo set, flyers, posters and mini rulebooks.  At the front you can see a range of bases from Bases4War, painted up to show them off in their best light.  Bases4War provided all the samples you see here and more – a set of painted bases were added to the raffle as a prize.


The local 13-17 year old gaming club was helping out at the SAWS event running both demo and display games of Warhammer and Warhammer Fantasy Battle.  Here’s some of the figures they brought in for display – many more were used during the day on the tabletops.


Here’s the second Warmachine shelf – two huge figures battling it out here!


Now a trip around the demo tables.  For Infinity we were lucky to have Warmill on site to provide us a great looking table – it grew to larger than the board we had planned!


Here’s the warmachine table with Khador ready to take on Menoth


The beginnings of a big Warhammer 40,000 game


The Deadzone demo table, the reference mat made this a very quick and fun way to play the game.  For people with more time and interest some bigger games were also played.


Here’s Star Wars : X-Wing in in action – we even had sound effects!

IMG_2461Hell Dorado taking place in the mangled terrain somewhere in Hell!


…and lastly my Malifaux board, the newly named town  “Tombstone” providng the backdrop to some gun slinging action.  Thanks to 4Ground for helping the event out with discounted scenery for this demo table.

We also need to thank the Salisbury Model shop for their support – with some great Bolt Action prizes for the raffle, the Salisbury Library for letting us host the event and everyone who contributed in any way to the success of the event – it was great to see everyone.

All in all a busy day with a lot going on – if anyone has any other pictures to share from the event please post these up!  The next thing we need to do is take stock of how the event went and decide what we might want to do at the next one – please pop over to the group and share your thoughts.

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