Preparing for a big battle

Despite having run a large-scale 40k battle at least once a year, I still don’t seem to fully have a hang of the task. Perhaps this is a good thing, if the alternative would being complacent and likely unprepared. I think the main issue is the feeling of steering the whole scenario alone this time round and not having a distinct list of what I’ll be taking to play with.

In 11 days, we will be playing Operation Ironclad at Burton’s Beer and Pretzels¬†event. The scenario pits Eldar & Tau as an attacker, Orks as a second attacker, against the umbrella of Imperial in defence, of an island surrounded by ocean. I posted some previews of Ork boat rules previously. We have an assortment of Cruisers, tugboats and landing craft being prepared for the event, including a Stompa lander!

I’ve been gathering forces for all sides and it dawned on me this weekend just how badly treated some of my tanks are!


I won’t be bringing all of these (or will I?), mainly because the ‘raiders are laregly in disrepair. Sometimes I forget just how many tanks I’ve gathered, and these are just those I’ve put together.

Alas, distraction!



An assortment of transformers arrived this week and I ended up getting distracted painting  Wheeljack before returning to course.



I’ve been previewing my walls from Krakon Games for some time now. They were designed and built with Operation Ironclad in mind. I finally stuck a bunch of them together in preparation for the game.

10299072_517683335003356_2331744351365653746_nThey fit together nicely with the other fortifications.



And the reason we play Big Cap Games? TO get the big toys out!



Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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