Knight Models Marvel Super Heroes

I’ve been enjoying painting Knight Models’ Marvel superheroes recently, you may have seen me spamming the facebook page for MyWargame with the individual models.  I decided the photos really didn’t show off the models in the best light and I wanted to take some group shots too.

I started collecting the Knight Models as soon as they were released.  I never actually got around to buying any of the Star Wars miniatures they produced and I really regret not getting hold of Boba Fett when he was available.  I didn’t want to get in the same position with these great figure in the below photos you’ll see the complete range aside from Spiderman and Thor who I only recently received as part of my birthday present – I shall start working on them very soon!  As I type this Dr Doom and the Punisher have been released so I need to look at getting them ASAP too.
Group shot

On to the pics then.  This first pic is just a group shot so you can see see the scale between the figures and I’m glad to report you can now see them as I see them – the camera does apparently lie if the light isn’t right!  I’ve set up these series of photos on some fun terrain that was vaguely in keeping based on my far future scenery.  Using a Deadzone play mat, some Deadzone barricades, Amera plastic buildings and a stray Ramshackle truck in the colours of a certain robot I’m a fan of…

Avengers vs Magneto

I set up a few fun confrontation battles as well – here’s the Avengers and some X-men buddies attempting to stop Magneto before he does something very bad with the radioactive waste!

Hulk vs Thing

Battle of the brutes!  The Hulk and the Thing have clashed many times in comic form, here they get ready to rumble again, I fear as usual the Thing looks to be the underdog!

Scale with comics

Here’s a scale shot with some other comic character models I’ve collected and painted, just to give some ideal of the sheer bulk of the the Hulk.  From left to right then:

The Hulk (Knight Models), Hammerstein (ABC Warriors, 2000AD/Foundry miniatures), The Thing (Knight Models), Haiku (Spirited Away/Bushido), Death’s Head (Heroclix), Lobo/Bishop (Wyrd Miniatures), Wolverine (Knight Models) and Leonardo (TMNT/Greebo miniatures)

Scale with scaries

Finally I gathered the scary big bads I have from other games to see how the Hulk measured up in a cross dimension bust up!  From left to right then:

Sauron (Lord of the Rings/GW), Killjoy (Wyrd), Cthulhu (Reaper), The Hulk (Knight Models), Arkhan the Black (GW, the original metal model) and Thaddeus my Dark Angel Dreadnaught (GW).  OK Cthulhu wins, but frankly he’s the biggest ‘miniature’ I still own (only Kazadrax has been bigger, another Bones model that’s frankly too big for any practical use!).

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