100 man army – Age of Darkness

I’ve been quite heavily involved in the “pre-heresy” and “age of darkness” scene for many years now, particularly a time before Forge World took on the mantle. It’s a rich and inspiring era of the 40k universe, an age of greater heroes and arguably nobler times. I’ve enjoyed converting both space marines and their counters for years, but something has shied me away from getting more involved in the post-Forgeworld environment. I can’t help but think it’s the tanks.


Many of my friends, and observed others, have a fervor for the Age of Darkness tanks. Rightly so, as they’re all fantastic models and many make great centre pieces for an army. However, I feel they have become the mainstay of AoD armies and it puts me off somewhat.

For me, the Age of Darkness is about infantry. Armies of infantry. It’s iconic, reading the books puts you in the boots of the infantryman.

Horus_Heresy_battle_artWith this in mind, I am going to summon myself and my friends to do the “100 man army” challenge. As the name suggests, this challenge requires you to field at least 100 men in your army. These must all be models with legs, preferably on the group – dreadnoughts included. To this end, I shall be posting my progress of assembling 100 of the finest from legio X.



Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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  1. James says:

    This is a great idea

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