Oldhammer Beastmen

I’ve finally decided on an army to label “Oldhammer” and it’s one I’ve slowly collected classic models for over a long time. I’ve always liked Beastmen, but refrained from starting another army as Warhammer wasn’t being played locally. Now it is and I have the Oldhammer bug, so things happened.

Beastmen benefit from having models that sit together well, regardless of generation. I’m not using this as an excuse to use some modern models, but I will be employing some new sculpts on a basis of liking the model.

One thing is certain. This army is going to be heavy. It’s largely metal and I have a thing for Minotaurs.

For our local campaign, were starting with a humble 600 points. I’ve opted for a couple of chariots, 20 Gors, a shaman and 3 Razorgor.

beastmen 600


The chariots are a mix of models. I’ve used metal Warriors of Chaos chariots, on modern Save Orc boars and will be using 1980s Gors as riders, since regular units cannot use spears and I have a few old models with spears. I’m not yet decided on models for the Bestigor riders.

beastmen chariots 1

beastmen chariots 2

The Gors are largely classics, with slightly more recent commands and the occasional plastic to fill out the gaps until I can get hold of more Oldhammer models.beastmen gors


Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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  1. Dave Taylor says:

    I have a smallish Beastman army of mid-90s models that I’d be willing to part with should you be interested. Drop me a line at tanithtaylor at gmail dot com : )

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