Oldhammer Minotaurs

Trading has been fruitful. I’ve amassed quite the pile of Minotaurs and Beastmen now, so I am starting to work on assembling and painting the models!

Deciding how to paint models that are almost as old as myself is quite intimidating, but I am eager to get to work.

Here are the first 9 I’ve assembled. They’re mostly Bob Naismith sculpts, with a few I am unsure of. I’m loosely planning on using the “lords” as champions for each unit, so here they are pictures in 2 units.


Doom bellow the warped and his trusty bulls

Ox-Roar and his slaughterers

Ox-Roar and his slaughterers

I decided on a pale fleshtone for the first batch (there’s more on the way), as I¬†wanted a majority colour to contrast the brown bases.

The horde

The horde

Variation will instead be delivered in their fur!


Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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