Gaming resolutions for 2015

It’s taken me a couple of weeks to decide but I am ready to pose myself the challenge(s). At first I only decided on one challenge for this year – to play every game (board game, tabletop game) I own at least once this year. I have quite a lot of board games, so I started early, with a game of Sebok and Small World: Underground at the club last week – our first meeting of the year. I’ve already got my regular, Star Trek: Attack Wing, under the belt and am getting Dreadball out of the way next week. Rather than simply list what I’ve played – infinitely interesting to you all, I’m sure – I’ll try and take some pictures too.

My other resolutions are more… good ideas I’ve seen about that I want to make use of. Curis ( brought our attention to the idea of finishing 2 painted models before building another 1. This means you have to completely finish 2 existing models before starting on something else. I’m sure everyone can agree that they have more than enough models to paint without needing to buy more! Curis also inspired my final resolution with his Tzeentch project. He set out to paint 1 unique Tzeentch model every 9 days. Well, I am challenging myself to paint 1 unique Nurgle model every 7 days. Since I’m making headway on consolidating all my chaos armies into a legion, I feel this is both feasible and fun to do so!

The deadline will be Tuesday each week. Here’s a preview of the first model – a lovely new Blightking model. This handsome fellow is my unit champion.

2015-01-12 23.01.58

Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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