Full Thrust – starting a new a game and fleet

I’ve been dabbling with some friends from my local club with the Full Thrust ruleset for space fleet scale battles.  I thought I was overdue sharing some pics of my ships and a few battles I’ve seen, and some commentary on the game itself for MyWargame.

So I’ve been tempted into a new game – the appeal was really around the flexibility and simplicity of the game – small outlay in terms of getting a fleet and availability of all of the supporting bits and bobs (dice, tape measures, space mats equally at home with Star War: X-Wing on top of them) – even the rules are free.

Full Thrust is a game that’s been around for ages, the rules are freely available to download here.  There’s numerous versions of the rulesets floating around so there’s something to appeal to different mindsets, and although Ground Zero Games produce ships and stats, many other companies models are completely compatible and the game itself comes with a construction ruleset so you can create your own stats should you wish too.

I was very lucky to be sold a second hand Ninja Magic Kikoku fleet by a friend from my local club, especially as it seems these are hard to get hold of now.  I’ll run through the ships I’ve got and show you some photos of my efforts to make them battle ready.  I experimented with a few colour schemes and in the end I re-purposed the design Ninja magic have on their site with the colours I wanted to try and use.

The pride of my fleet, my battleship – given the scale its perfectly usable as a Dreadnought though in terms of mass, which is a key feature in designing and using ships in Full Thrust.  I’ve yet to name this brute, but I’ve been referring to my ships as ocean going creatures – so far this has been the whale shark.

Kik 1

Next up is my carrier – my personal favourite ship design.  This ship was dubbed the Lobster in its first game, quickly subverted into the ‘Lobstrosity’ given the stats it was using, it just wouldn’t die!

Kik 2

My (heavy) cruisers are the last of my large ships, I have 3 of these.  I haven’t settled on a name for these either yet, but Orca is appealing to me.

Kik 3

My destroyers are sleek and nasty with the stats I’ve cooked up for them.  I’m currently calling the Barracudas and it suits their profile and hunting role, I also have 3 of these.

Kik 4

My frigates are not very well loved in my fleet, they never last long!  There’s only 2 of them and as yet haven’t had a suitable name suggested.  I am looking at a supporting role for them in game, but haven’t found a balance of stats I like on such a small ship.

Kik 5

My corvettes – I have 6 of these.  I’ve been calling them pilot fish and they follow the big ships about.  The tactic seems to work nicely, either ignore them and suffer ongoing irritating shots, or waste firepower killing them while the bigger ship takes bites out of you in return!

Kik 6

I’ve recently also picked up (from Ground Zero Games) some fighters and their veri-tech robot forms.  I haven’t use the veri-tech rules yet and the more we play with fighters the more expensive/tricky them seem to be to get best use out of them, so they aren’t seeing a lot of play time.


Here’s the entire fleet

Kik 7

…and here’s an “end of film” shot

Kik 8

Initially I used some standard stats from an existing Ground Zero Games fleet for these, but I was introduced to a concept of how these could work by the friend who sold me the ships.  Based on how they operate in the Ninja Magic ruleset, these should be fast ships with mid range terribly powerful weapons.  The downside is you don’t get many shots so if they miss, you’ve done no damage.  Additionally you have no long range ability to engage, so you are forced to move in quite recklessly!  I also made sure my ships weren’t overly tough – in order to keep the points down as much as anything, which has so far led to some interesting games.  My ships are scary but fragile and easily wrong footed by a canny opponent.  I enjoy having an usual playing style here, but do want to get some more typical weapons (and defences!) so am considering another fleet, possibly something from Firestorm Armada.

Also to give you some idea of the variety in my local area, here some of my friends fleets:

Ships of the Federation

Kik 10

Neu Swabian League (NSL) from Ground Zero Games

Kik 11

Europian Federation Bridgade models

Kik 12

Mid game shot

Kik 13

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