Project Nurgle – week 17

Where have the last 5 weeks gone? Nurgle knows…

After a mad dash to get my 1,000 points sorted out for a multiplayer battle on Tabletop Day, I lost momentum for the army. Having painted 46 Plaguebearers and 2 heralds just this year, I think I felt a little burnt out. However, We’ve started a Mighty Empires campaign at the club and I decided to keep at the daemons to keep my motivation up.

The battle itself was a mixed bag of results. We agreed to play the watchtower mission (latest edition) to encourage everyone to focus on a central objective. That didn’t really play out, with lots of Elves getting distracted, and the only combat-competent elf unit being targeted by all our offensive magic and firepower. Suffice to say, Nurgle held the tower.


With 5 weeks to catch up… I haven’t been idle. I just haven’t entirely finished a new Nurgle model yet.

I’ve nearly finished a second command group:

plaguebearer commandPlus a herald for the army:

herald of nurgle

And another herald for the army:

nurgle palanquinA few things have been keeping me distracted. I’m making an effort to get back into sculpting. One piece I am working on is a snail knight:

snailOh wait, some Plague Drones:

plague droneSo, not really skimping on the Nurgle painting at all!

I did get distracted by a classic Tyranid. I have been gathering classic models to replace my Space Crusade plastics.

To try and return to a weekly blogging pace, I am going to better organise my painting and sculpting time, setting a monthly goal and reviewing it every four weeks. This monthly goal has to incorporate any trades and purchases. If I don’t build and paint what I buy within 4 weeks, I won’t allow myself to acquire anything new until I do.

My current plans for May are:

  • Chaos Treeman Warrior (sculpt)
  • Mechanicum (build and paint)
  • More Nurgle! I’ve bought some Blights from Heresy to create a third command group for my Plague Bearers. I will also finish all the above models pictured. I might have acquired another Great Unclean One too! (build and paint)
  • Finish the Snail Knight (sculpt)
  • Start on my pink/blue Horror collection (paint)
  • Spice up the bases for currently painted models. I picked up some animal skills from Kromlech.


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