Jumping headfirst into Age of Sigmar

Now that Age of Sigmar has been in our hands for a few weeks and the apocalyptic dust-storm is settling, I’ve realised it’s grabbed me, and in a good way.

My local players were enjoying a revival of enthusiasm for 8th edition Warhammer when AOS hit us. At first we were a little concerned that it may divide or destroy our¬†interest, but so far it has had us enthralled with the new system. It’s not stopped us playing, or collecting, or painting. We’ve used the same models and we are thoroughly enjoying exploring the new game. A few of us have obviously been collecting the new forces and inevitably putting some old models on round bases, but overall the reception has been positive and has given the group new enthusiasm and motivation.

It has utterly dented my efforts for my Nurgle army, but has steered my time into painting other things, rather than losing out. Some old and surprisingly forgotten projects have been reborn – I’ve dug out my Orcs to push forward as my main AOS army


…and I’ve painted some Heroquest Fimir (!).

11755644_617727061663691_7497400939434141407_n (1)

I have a large stock of Heroquest Fimir and a single Jes Goodwin metal of the same size, so they work together nicely with a few arm changes.

11753669_617727078330356_7175344699088357076_nThese were created with no specific intention in mind – sometimes you just fancy painting something a bit different! If Fimir weren’t so expensive and rare, or simply has a bit more support, I’d consider putting more effort into them, but there’s enough projects on the go and I have plenty more Heroquest figures, so my money is safe (to go on bills).

Starter set aside, my first AOS investment has been the Baleful Realmgates scenery pieces. These looked too nice to skip over and I am a sucker for fun scenery rules – the concept of chaotic map dynamics is a particular favourite. The gates allow units to teleport around the map!


With my Fimir sat to the side, I felt obliged to make the gates look both classic and overgrown looking so that they can call it their own.


I’m not overly happy with covering it in flames, but will explore other colour options on the next gate.11796275_619933954776335_2937632570208518778_n

A lot of people seem to be worried about all that is new with AOS, but I find I’m concerning myself more with what is old. Reviving old projects, old models and giving new life to abandoned armies is what AOS has given me.


So, what’s next in line for AOS from me? ¬†Well…


Rusty Dice

Aint nothing but a horn

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